Emergency Services

Taylor Oil Co. is your go to provider when emergencies arise.

  • Our Somerville, NJ facility has a new emergency generator that powers a loading rack connected to 160,000 gallons of storage.
  • We also have storage in Lakewood and Pomona, NJ bringing our total storage capacity to over 300,000 gallons.

With 150 trucks Taylor Oil Co. has one of the largest fleets in the industry.

Taylor Oil Co. purchases product from over 30 source points in 10 different States.  In any emergency no matter the circumstance Taylor Oil Co. has access to product, trucks, and storage through out the Northeast.



  • Emergency service contracts that put you at the top of the list for deliveries.
  • Truck, driver, and tanks available at your request prior to an emergency.

Installation of storage tanks at your location to provide additional fuel if needed in an emergency.

Taylor Oil Co. Emergency Services

Hurricane Sandy

During Sandy; Taylor Oil Co. delivered fuel 24/7 for 4 weeks immediately after the hurricane hit.

  • Fuel was brought in from suppliers in 6 different states.
  • Delivered over 1 million gallons in the 2 weeks after the storm.
  • Made gasoline available to employees and customers at our locations.