We appreciate that Taylor Oil treats us just as well as bigger customers. Taylor Oil is very fortunate to have staff that understand customer service, and I mean that sincerely.

– Charles Herr, GSA

 I want to thank Taylor Oil for your quick response and taking care of us on short notice. We look forward to working with you in the future.

– Sherrill Sherman, Reynold Inliner, LLC

 We want to acknowledge and express our appreciation for your efforts in providing fuel service that enabled our crews to focus on their job and execute it effectively and safely. When a crisis arises, the best qualities of our vendors are on full display. So it’s no surprise that when Hurricane Irene came through, so did you.

– Joseph M. Rigby, Pepco Holdings Inc.

 Thank you so much for all your help in keeping things organized. I really appreciate Taylor Oil being there for me when I needed help! It’s been a pleasure working with you!

– Toni Coradetti, Phillips & Jordan, Inc.