Oil Tanks and Gas Tanks

Whether you’re in the petroleum, agriculture or construction industry, you can benefit from on-site oil tanks and gas tanks. They offer quick refueling when you need it most while staying productive and profitable. Taylor Oil is the main distributor for Western Global and Unity Fuel Solutions, both of which manufacture a variety of oil tanks and gas tanks.

We cater to a variety of client types and applications with our oil tanks and gas tanks, such as:

  • Petroleum retail facilities, bulk refuelling facilities and fleet operations
  • Aircraft fuels, maintenance fuels and rental car fleet refueling at airports
  • Stand-by generators
  • On-farm use for agricultural operations
  • Industrial parks
  • Oil and gas, forestry and mining facilities
  • Boat fuels for marinas
  • Refueling heavy equipment on construction sites
  • Municipalities for equipment refueling (fleet vehicles, sanding trucks, graders, and heavy equipment)

Featuring durable steel construction, and weather and corrosion resistant exterior coatings, we offer a workable solution for convenient onsite fuel supply and fleet refueling. From standard to customized tanks, we have you covered.

Taylor Oil can connect you with the solution that best fits your current needs, whether stationary gas tanks, transportable oil tanks or accessories.

Types of Oil Tanks and Gas Tanks We Offer

Taylor Oil is proud to represent the Unity Fuel Solutions and Western Global lines of tanks and related products. As such, we offer:

  • Emergency Storage Tanks
  • Job Site Storage Tanks
  • Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Above Ground Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Gasoline Storage Tanks
  • Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Portable Diesel Tanks
  • FuelCubes

When you need rugged, reliable, and convenient storage tanks and related equipment to meet your fueling needs from trusted manufacturers like Western Global and Unity Fuel Solutions, choose Taylor Oil as your partner.

10 Reasons Taylor Oil is the Right Choice

When you choose Taylor Oil for distribution of high-quality gas tanks and oil tanks, you receive:

  1. Prompt, personalized customer service 24/7
  2. Proven, tested, top-of-the-line equipment
  3. Full-service support
  4. Trained technicians with extensive experience
  5. Compliance with all local and state regulations
  6. Quality gas tanks, oil tanks and related products
  7. Fast local response times
  8. Efficient, safe, and timely temporary containment solutions
  9. Safe, clean vessels
  10. Convenient online ordering

Let us know what your request is for gas tanks and oil tanks, and we will discuss with you the best option for your industry.

Contact Taylor Oil For Oil Tanks and Gas Tanks

To learn more about the oil tanks and gas tanks provided by Taylor Oil,  contact us now or fill out our Request Fuel Form.