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Chevron Rando® HD

Chevron_logoChevron Rando HD ISO 32, 46, and 68 are designed to give maximum hydraulic pump protection in mobile and stationary systems. They are formulated with ISO SYN® base stocks.

Chevron Rando HD ISO 100, 150, and 200 are designed for all types of lubricant applications where a premium antiwear lubricant in their ISO viscosity grade is required, such as an AGMA Gear Lubricant or general machinery lubrication.

Chevron Rando HD oils provide excellent:

  • antiwear protection
  • oxidation and corrosion inhibition
  • foam and aeration suppression

Under moderate loads and temperatures, the high viscosity index of Chevron Rando HD oils assures good film strength between metal surfaces and is further enhanced by antiwear additive protection.

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Chevron Ursa® Super Plus EC

Chevron_logoChevron Ursa Super Plus EC SAE 15W-40 is a quality, mixed fleet motor oil meeting the performance requirements of all four-stroke gasoline engines and all naturally aspirated, turbocharged, and supercharged legacy diesel engines manufactured before 2007 and low emission engines manufactured in and post-2007. This multipurpose engine oil is manufactured using selected high viscosity index base oils and additives that provide maximum protection against sludge, varnish, ash deposits, wear, oxidation, foam, corrosion, and rust.

It reduces deposit buildup resulting from high temperature engine operation (especially in the piston and ring area), combats varnish formation, and keeps vital engine parts clean.
It also protects against corrosion and resists oxidation at high temperatures.

Chevron Ursa Super Plus EC SAE 15W-40 oils utilize technology to provide excellent performance in low emission model engines manufactured in 2007, using normal or low sulfur diesel fuels and equipped with exhaust aftertreatment systems.

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