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Are you looking for a solution for convenient onsite fuel supply and fleet refueling? Enter the FuelCube from Western Global. Taylor Oil is the main distributor for this line of FuelCubes, and as such offers these revolutionary solutions to our clients throughout the Northeast. These transportable and stationary fuel storage tanks can address many of your unique needs.

Fuel Cube Taylor Oil Co

The FuelCube, a compact and economic stationary fuel tank designed for onsite
fuel supply and fleet refueling, can hold between 243 and 1,862 US gallons. Providing double-walled 110 percent containment, this built-in, weatherproof secondary containment unit does not require the use of pans or basins.

It also features:

  • Stackable corner brackets that can be stacked up to two high when empty
  • Two-way forklift pockets for quick and easy maneuvering and mobility
  • UL142 Approval
  • Integral, lockable equipment cabinet
  • Removable inner tank

FuelCubes can be used for onsite fuel supply and fleet refueling, as well as for generator and auxiliary equipment.

FuelCube Offerings

The Western Global line offers a variety of FuelCubes and related products for your needs and budget. They include:

  • TransCube Global: This commercial fuel tank is designed to transport and dispense fuel wherever you need it. Used by power generation specialists and construction workers.
  • TransCube CAB: This is a trailer-mounted tank designed for travel on construction sites and between projects – an environmentally secure solution for refuelling machinery and equipment when on the move.
  • ABBI: A mobile refueller that can traverse difficult worksites with ease to supply and dispense fuel simultaneously.
  • Poly Water: Rugged, towable on-site water storage for equipment cleaning, plant watering, and dust suppression.
  • TransCube Contract: Use this for quick and easy access to on-site refueling, best for short-term projects.
  • TransCube Standby: This static, maneuverable tank can deliver constant energy to three diesel engines.
  • EnviroCube Cab: Offers cost-effective bulk storage for fleets and large projects, designed for construction sites and for standby power.
  • EnviroBulka Deluxe: This is a bulk tank meant for long-term fuel storage, best for fleets in construction, logistics and agriculture.
  • TransTank Standby: Used for large-scale, long-term projects to fuel construction equipment and generators.
  • TransTank Global: Used for natural disaster sites and other sites where bulk fuel is needed.
  • EasyCube Global: This compact “wheelie-bin” style tank is designed for on-site storage including areas with limited access.

Here at Taylor Oil, we are proud to represent rugged, reliable, and convenient storage tanks and related equipment to meet your fueling needs from trusted manufacturers like Western Global.

9 Reasons to Choose Taylor Oil For FuelCubes

Choose Taylor Oil for distribution of Western Global FuelCubes for these great reasons and more:

  1. Full-service support
  2. Trained technicians with extensive experience
  3. Compliance with all local and state regulations
  4. Prompt, personalized customer service 24/7
  5. Proven, tested, top-of-the-line equipment
  6. Safe, clean vessels
  7. Quality tanks and related products
  8. Fast local response times
  9. Efficient, safe, and timely temporary containment solutions

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