Fuel Tank Rentals

Taylor Oil is the main distributor for two lines of quality fuel tanks: Unity Fuel Solutions and Western Global. As the distributor for these two lines, we specialize in fuel tank rentals throughout the Northeast. We rent these tanks, pumps, containment units, and trucks for use on temporary job sites or permanent locations.

Our Unity Fuel Solutions and Western Global fuel tank rentals are ideal for those who can’t spend the capital on brand new equipment right now, or for those whose projects are only temporary.

Choose us for:

  • Fuel tank rentals
  • Gasoline tank rentals
  • Diesel tank rentals
  • Job site tank rentals
  • Construction site tank rentals
  • Portable tank rentals

Safe and prompt delivery of our Unity and Western Global tank rentals are backed by our 24/7 service capability, which means our teams are here to support you any time you need us. You can’t afford downtime or risk, so why not rent a Unity Fuel Solutions or Western Global fuel tank for use on your own property?

Our Solutions

We are proud to represent rugged, reliable, and convenient storage tanks and related equipment to meet your fueling needs from trusted manufacturers like Unity Fuel Solutions and Western Global. Here are some of our offerings:

Unity Fuel Solutions Tanks

The Unity Fuel tanks we distribute include:

  • Double wall fuel tanks
  • Aboveground fuel storage tanks
  • Aviation tanks
  • Fireguard tanks
  • Waste oil tanks
  • Bulk fuel storage tanks

Western Global

The Western Global fuel tanks we distribute include:

  • Fuel cubes
  • Mobile refuellers
  • Transportable and stationary fuel storage tanks

As you can see, we distribute a wide range of tanks and related equipment to ensure your fuel needs are met. We are partnering with these two manufacturers due to their extensive experience in the fuel tank storage space.

Why Choose Taylor Oil For Fuel Tank Rentals?

Rest assured, the tanks we rent are safe, secure, clean, efficient and weathertight, meeting all of the environmental requirements necessary for safe and clean use. Our fuel tanks extend generator run times, too.

Choose Unity Fuel Solutions and Western Global fuel tank rentals from Taylor Oil with confidence because you get:

  • Proven, tested, top-of-the-line equipment
  • Safe, clean vessels
  • Quality tanks and related products
  • Fast local response times
  • Efficient, safe, and timely temporary containment solutions
  • Compliance with all local and state regulations
  • Prompt, personalized customer service 24/7
  • Trained technicians with extensive experience
  • Full-service support

Whether you need a gasoline tank rental or a diesel tank rental, we bring you affordable, timely solutions from an oil delivery provider you can trust.

Rental Options

Taylor Oil offers the following:


  • Electric Pump (110 Volt)
  • Electric Pump with Meter
  • 12 Volt Pump
  • 12 Volt Pump with Meter
  • Hand Pump
  • Hand Pump with Meter


  • 500 Gallon Skid Tank
  • 1,000 Gallon Skid Tank
  • 2,000+ Gallon Skid Tanks Available

Note: Hand pumps and hoses are supplied at no extra charge with each tank unit.


  • 500 Gallon
  • 1,000 Gallon

Contact Taylor Oil for Unity Fuel Solutions and Western Global Fuel Tank Rentals

To learn more about Unity Fuel Solutions and Western Global fuel tank rentals in your area,  contact Taylor Oil or fill out our Request Fuel Form now.

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