3 Money Saving Fuel Industry Tips

3 Money-Saving Fuel Industry Tips - There are a lot of common money-wasting practices in the fuel industry that can be prevented or minimized with a few tips, found here: 1.      Meter Loss Fuel is a product most people never see. After all, this liquid is delivered from a truck via a hose to another vehicle after being converted from cubic inches to dollars and gallons. You can’t see how much is coming out, and aside from a fuel gage that shows Empty or Full, there’s no exact confirmation as to numeric values associated with the fill up you just received. Consider this when it comes to understanding how the metering/dispensing process works. Fuel is dispensed and metered in cubic inches, then it is converted to gallons and dollars 231 cubic inches are found in one gallon of liquid (1,155 cubic inches in five gallons of liquid) Federal guidelines say meters/totalizers to be “off” by as much as + or – six cubic inches per five gallons of product dispensed The amount of slack allowed in a meter is ½%: o six cu. in. / 1,155 cu. in. = 0.0052 o 0.0052 x 100 = 0.52% or ½% The [...]