4 Quick Summer Trucking Tips

4 Quick Summer Trucking Tips - Summer is just about upon us and the temps are getting hotter. While we all crave the warmth and sunshine after a cold winter and chilly spring, this is a good time to go over some tips to stay safe while trucking during the dog days of summer. Here are four quick summer trucking tips to keep yourself and other motorists safe on the roadways. 1.      Check Your Brakes Time to do a once-over of your truck. Did you know that temperature can have a huge impact on your brakes? It’s true. When temperatures soar, brake fading is a possibility. This is when you lose friction in your brakes because the components can’t adequately absorb the heat any longer. As a result, this condition paves the way for increased stopping distances and decreased brake life performance. Routine maintenance, especially on your brakes, ensures conditions such as brake fading won’t happen. 2.      Properly Inflate Your Tires The summer heat can cause tire blowouts. With the rise in temperatures, tires tend to inflate. When those inflated tires get into contact with the hot road, this added friction, along with high speeds, can spell disaster – [...]