Construction Site Fuel Spill Containment Tips

Oil and fuel spills can have devastating impact on the environment as well as human health and safety. The best approach is prevention; however, when a spill does happen, it’s important to contain it immediately so its impact is minimized. From slips and trips to toxic scalds and burns, spills pose a great risk to employees, contractors and visitors. When left unchecked, spills can seep into waterways and soak into ground water, leading to contamination of drinking water, and threats to plant and wildlife as well as human health. Heed these tips to prevent extensive spreading and environmental damage until trained spill control professionals can arrive on the scene: Train your workers to employ proper spill prevention practices when working with oil and fuel sources. Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure safe handling of materials. Post a visible worksite map that shows the location of oil and fuel sources. Make sure employees know in advance which spill situations they can safely contain and which ones are not safe to handle. Along with storage instructions and supervision, give workers product recommendations --  spill pads, rugs, and booms. Oil spills spread 100 times faster in wet weather than dry; you [...]