Top Truck Driver Safety Tips

Top Truck Driver Safety Tips - The American Trucking Association and its Share the Road highway safety program encourage drivers of all kinds to pay close attention when going through work zones. Maintaining safety on the nation’s roadways is of paramount importance. This year’s National Work Zone Awareness Week took place April 8 through 12, with a theme of “Drive Like You Work Here.” Share the Road professional truck drivers, with millions of accident-free miles under their belts, offer these safe-driving tips to keep both motorists and workers safe during the spring and summer construction seasons. Work Zone Safety Tips Heed these tips when driving through or near construction or work zones. Be on alert for changes: Speed limits are often reduced in work zones. In addition, traffic lanes and patterns may change, and people will be working on the road or on the shoulder. Have patience and consideration: Work zone crew members are working hard to make sure the roads are efficient and safe. Keep this in mind when sitting in traffic near a work zone. It’s their job to keep you safe, not aggravate you and make you late for work. Slow down: Speeding is a top cause of work zone [...]