Fall Driving Fleet Safety Tips

Fall Driving Fleet Safety Tips - Well, it’s that time of year again: the leaves are changing, pumpkins are out, and the weather is getting cooler. Fall is nearly here, and with it, new dangers are present on the roadways. Here are some tips to think about and hazards to watch out for as we head into autumn. Heed the Leaves More and more leaves will fall onto the roadways, covering up traffic lines, pavement markings and even hazardous pot holes. When it rains, as fall is prone to do in New Jersey, wet leaves could make your vehicle slip and slide, causing an accident. Take extra precaution when you see the road covered with a rainbow of yellows, reds and oranges. Be on the Lookout for Deer The fall happens to be breeding season for deer, so you’ll be seeing a lot of them on the sides of the roads. More than likely, one of them will dart out in front of you at some point, sometimes in groups. Heed these tips: Keep your eyes open. If you spot a deer on the side of the road, slow down. Chances are, there’s more than one. Brake, don’t swerve. Swerving [...]

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Top 3 Tire Pressure Tips for Fleets

Top 3 Tire Pressure Tips for Fleets - One thing is for sure when it comes to maintaining your fleet’s tires: tire inflation is a major concern. Not only does inflation pressure affect the safety of the truck and driver, it also impacts fuel economy and retreadability. It can be difficult to keep on top of the tire pressure, so here are some tips to keep in mind. First off, keep in mind that pre-trip and post-trip checks will maximize tire life and keep your costs under control. After drivers and fuel, tires have always been a fleet’s highest operating cost. Heed these tips to reduce costs and improve driver retention. 1.      Use Calibrated Gauges Typical shop gauges can be off, as they get dropped frequently and aren’t maintained. As a result, psi readings can be off by 2 to 15 psi. You must test each gauge and recalibrate it every month against a master. You may find you’ve been inflating tires to the wrong level all along. Set up a psi testing station with master gauge in your shop, and make it somewhere everyone can see it and have access to it. Drivers can simply swap out their [...]

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Safety Throughout the Year

Safety Throughout the Year - As the owner of a fleet of vehicles, whether construction or transportation or something in between, you know the importance of safety – all the year through. But as 2019 comes to a close, it’s especially important to give ourselves reminders of why safety is critical when it comes to managing your fleet. With the holidays comes more traffic on the roadways, which means you must focus on creating safer roadways for everyone out there. Think about creating a safety culture of sorts at your company to place a big priority on staying safe, both for your drivers and for everyone else on the road. It should be a way of life. Make that your New Year’s resolution as a responsible fleet owner! Guaranteed, you will see the ripple effects extend far beyond what you thought could be possible. Here are a few ideas for you to implement. Create a Safety Program with Rewards Rewarding people is always a nice incentive, a great motivator if you will. Safety should be at the core of who you are and what you deliver. Train your employees to put safety at #1. To move this along, reward members [...]

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Marine Fuel and Oil Spills: What to Do

Marine Fuel and Oil Spills: What to Do - Oil spills endanger public health, poison the drinking water, devastate natural resources, and disrupt the economy. But as we have become more dependent upon oil-based products, the risk for spills goes up. Oil and fuel from boats contain toxic components that come with harmful physical effects and can pose threats to public health and the environment, says the EPA. As a boater of any kind, fuel spills are likely always on your mind. If you spill fuel or oil into the water, what steps would you take to mitigate the situation? Here are some helpful tips if this happens to you. #1: Identify the cause and source of the spill. If you can, stop it at the source immediately. #2: Notify the marina or fuel dock right away because they may have oil absorbent pads and booms to contain any spills that may occur. Dispose of used absorbent materials properly as hazardous waste. #3: If the spill produces a sheen on the water, notify the U.S. Coast Guard National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802. Give them the following information: Location of the incident Cause or source of the spill Type and amount [...]

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Summertime Tips for Truckers

Summertime Tips for Truckers  - With summer comes warmer temperatures and more people on the roadways taking trips. This is a great time of year but also dangerous as we contend with soaring temps and increased traffic. Here are some ways truckers can stay safe this summer. 1.      Check the Brakes You may not realize it, but the temperature can have a big impact on your brakes. Brake fading can happen when the temperature outside gets hot. This is due to the loss of friction because brake components are no longer able to absorb the heat, which leads to increased stopping distances and decreased brake life performance. Routine maintenance is a must to ensure brake fading doesn’t occur. 2.      Keep Your Tires Inflated Properly The summer heat can cause tire blowouts. That’s because tires tend to inflate with rising temperatures. When those inflated tires make contact with hot surfaces such as asphalt pavement, that friction, combined with high speeds, can result in blowouts. Make sure your tires are properly inflated, especially in summer. Regular maintenance of your tires will also extend their useful life. 3.      Protect Yourself From the Sun Many truckers don’t realize the level of sun exposure [...]

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Top Truck Driver Safety Tips

Top Truck Driver Safety Tips - The American Trucking Association and its Share the Road highway safety program encourage drivers of all kinds to pay close attention when going through work zones. Maintaining safety on the nation’s roadways is of paramount importance. This year’s National Work Zone Awareness Week took place April 8 through 12, with a theme of “Drive Like You Work Here.” Share the Road professional truck drivers, with millions of accident-free miles under their belts, offer these safe-driving tips to keep both motorists and workers safe during the spring and summer construction seasons. Work Zone Safety Tips Heed these tips when driving through or near construction or work zones. Be on alert for changes: Speed limits are often reduced in work zones. In addition, traffic lanes and patterns may change, and people will be working on the road or on the shoulder. Have patience and consideration: Work zone crew members are working hard to make sure the roads are efficient and safe. Keep this in mind when sitting in traffic near a work zone. It’s their job to keep you safe, not aggravate you and make you late for work. Slow down: Speeding is a top cause of work zone [...]

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