Slipstream ™ The Next Generation

Marine Fuel Makes its Maiden Voyage

Unlike packaged additives already on the market, SlipstreamTM is a complete Premium Marine Fuel with a comprehensive marketing approach.

Advanced Fuel Solutions, Inc., North Andover, MA, announces the release of SlipstreamTM Premium Marine Fuel. The new marine fuel is positioned to be the most advanced marine fuel brand in the market serving both gasoline and diesel engines. Designed for the rigors of fresh and sea watercraft of all sizes, the marine fuel is commercially blended with fuel performance enhancers that help ensure greater efficiency and improved engine performance. SlipstreamTM intends to lead the industry in fuel quality; promising to boat owners, who pay high prices for gasoline and diesel, that it will deliver on its performance claims and help lower the maintenance costs and downtime of their prized possessions.

Paul Nazzaro, Sr., President and founder of Advanced Fuel Solutions sums up Slipstream’sTM market position:

“Our goal is to give boaters an exceptional boating experience by putting the maximum amount of performance into their boat with

SlipstreamTMto deliver benefits not attainable with generic gasoline and diesel fuels or the other countless treatments boaters have been using despite having no validation of their performance”

SlipstreamTM will be distributed to marinas throughout the nation by qualified

fuel distributors meeting criteria established by AFS. Distributors are currently being established and some are already in place. For example, Taylor Oil Company, Somerville NJ, is one of the first distributors bringing SlipstreamTM on board. Through Tylor, Bahrs Landing located in Sandy Hook, New Jersey, is the first marina with Slipstream on the dock. Rick Workman, president of Taylor Oil says;

“We are excited to expand our relationship with AFS from the construction fueling industry to the waterways. Delivering our customers the highest quality marine diesel and gasoline possible is our joint goal.”

SlipstreamTM marina partners will have access to comprehensive signage and marketing promotional tools including social media. All these exciting marketing strategies will be strengthened by a proven fuel quality oversight program ensuring every of gallon of SlipstreamTM premium gasoline and diesel sold meets the highest criteria for boaters seeking top tier operational performance.

Slipstream Press Release