Using a Premium Diesel Fuel Can Increase Efficiency and Longevity – There are many benefits to using a premium grade diesel for your equipment and trucks. From increased longevity to better lubrication, here we’ll go over the main advantages to using the best diesel fuel. Whether your fleet operation is large or small, what kind of fuel you use is one of the most vital decisions you will make for your business.

Is switching to a premium diesel the right move for you? Premium diesel has:

Better Lubricity

Lubrication reduces friction in your engines. Diesel lubricants in particular cut down on the friction and wear and tear of the fuel pump and injection parts. It stands to reason that all those engine parts are under a lot of pressure for most of the day, so if you have more lubrication, your machines will run smoother, giving you better productivity, less downtime and fewer repairs.

A Higher Cetane Number

Cetane is a measurement of the fuel’s ignition delay. Basically this is how fast the air and fuel mixture combusts within the engine. Higher cetane translates to a shorter delay and higher ignition quality, resulting in quicker start-ups, and reduced wear and tear on the batteries and starter. And with less pollution, this option is best on the environment.

More Effective Detergents

It’s the job of detergents to keep your fuel and engine clean. Detergents within the diesel you choose will decrease build-up that may occur on the fuel injectors. Clean parts allow you to experience less overall downtime with fewer repairs, meaning you can keep your fleet or equipment running seamlessly.

Better Additives

Premium diesel has additives that give you a variety of benefits. They contain demulsifiers to prevent water from getting into the fuel, as well as corrosion inhibitors that increase the life span of your injection pumps. Additives also contain stabilizers that guard against the formation of gum or sludge while your machines or trucks are in storage. When you add in all these additives, you can ensure a longer life for both your fuel and the engines.

Cleaner, More Efficient Engine Components

When you feed your engine a higher grade of diesel fuel, it simply runs cleaner and much more efficiently. All of these above benefits, when working in tandem, can result in a well-oiled machine so to speak that you can count on day in and day out. Premium diesel not only gives your engines more power, it gives you better fuel economy than a standard No. 2 diesel blend. Research has revealed that you can enjoy a 4.5 percent increase in power with premium diesel compared with a typical diesel fuel. You can’t argue with that!

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